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Western Railway uses tech to track escalator breakdowns

Western Railway has decided to make use of smart technology to ensure prompt attention to complaints of dysfunctional escalators that have been installed across its suburban stations.

WR first introduced escalators at Vile Parle station in August 2013 and the move has proved to be the major hit among commuters. A total of 32 escalators have since been installed on WR stations and 27 more are to be provided this year.

WR’s chief public relations officer Ravindar Bhakar said, “We have made use of smart technology so that as soon as an escalator comes to a halt, an alert is sent out to those responsible for its maintenance. This will ensure that the maintenance team reaches the spot immediately to attend to the problem.” Besides technical issues, pressing the emergency button also brings escalators to a halt.

The technology has been installed at four escalators at three stations–Bhayander, Vasai and Nalasopara.

“Escalators are working very well at present but there is a fluctuation in voltage at these stations which sometimes causes them to come to an abrupt halt. They have to be reset whenever they stall,” he added.
The smart technology will be installed at 10 more escalators in the coming days. A WR official said, “The technology will come in handy during monsoon when escalators may come to a halt due to water coming in contact with the system.”
WR is also considering appointing attendants on the contract basis to keep a vigil in case of any miscreant activity on the escalators.

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