Real India | Super Power | Ancient Power - Being Mumbai

Real India | Super Power | Ancient Power

A documentary that will give goosebumps as an Indian and message to the World that India coming up with the big surprises in future. India on verge of becoming the global power, leading the economic growth of about 7%. This video will definitely show the real India

A fine documentary by Karolina Goswami in her very own and famous style which talks about Indian economy in depth.India, a country which was once colonized and looted by the British has bounced back and today India’s companies like Tata are buying and taking over the top British brands like Jaguar, Range rover, nd Tetley. India, a country which is misrepresented by the world media who only show the poverty of India needs a lesson here. Karolina Goswami has shown the modern side of India in a beautiful way in her documentary. A must watch and wait until the end of the video when it gets really emotional.


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