Don't sell your vote on February 21 - Being Mumbai

Don’t sell your vote on February 21

Hey Mumbaikar’s, From past few days, getting lots of noise(election campaign) around every corner of Mumbai with the huge public in the rallies. You guessed it right, BMC polls is ahead and begging for vote is going on in every ward. A total of 2,275 candidates, which include 1,190 males, 1,084 females and one transgender, are in the fray for the 227 seats of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

Things you should consider before wasting your vote:

  1. Potholes
  2. Waterlogging
  3. Traffic Mismanagement
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Pollution
  6. Future Plan

5 reasons, we will repeat the history/mistake again:

Old Rally: After five year of a long time, we get to see our useless Corporator with some people for campaigning. If they would’ve worked for the last five year, they don’t need to beg the votes again.

Money vs Vote: It’s 2017 but we cannot get rid of this nonsense, money vs vote. I can see many of the promoters don’t even bother why they are promoting, just they are getting 300-500 bucks that’s it. This is the biggest mistake we do in an election. Please do not sell/waste your valuable votes just fo some bucks/liquor

Candidates background:  Despite knowing the criminal records, people do vote them just because he is powerful or has money. So common man contesting in the election is a myth.

False Promises: With same promises in their election manifesto from last decades, still we believe them.


Caste Based vote: We are Indian, we don’t caste our vote, we vote to our caste. Please look beyond this and make a better Mumbai tomorrow.

We believe Mumbaikars will take a firm decision and make a best man/women win from their respective wards. Though we have created poll on twitter to know the mood of Mumbaikar


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